Our Service

We offer move-in & move-out cleaning, rental and new construction clean-up, vacate cleaning, end of lease cleaning, and real estate cleaning. We are alway available for short notice and someday cleaning appointments.
we charge a base flat rate for our  service. During your cleaning we focus on important areas that often get over looked during everyday cleaning. If you are moving into a new home or rental unit you want it to be clean. you want that extra piece of mind knowing that your home has been scrubbed clean from top to bottom and if you are moving out this gives you the best chance of receiving you deposit back.
For landlord/property managers if your tenant has left your property a mess, you need to get a unit ready for the next tenant or just to show off a rental property that sparkles and shines for potential tenant, we can help by giving you the professional touch to ensure every units cleanliness….and we guarantee the results!

This service will include:

kitchen-appliances exterior cleaned (dishwasher, stove top, oven, fridge, microwave, dishwasher) cupboards, backsplash, countertops, sinks, backsplash (inside oven and fridge cleaning will be an extra charge).
Bathroom-sanitizing toilet, sink, bathtub, shower walls, mirrors, cabinets, countertop
Bedrooms-closets, floors, windows, walls, doors
Other living areas-floors, windows, closets
Baseboards– removal of all dust and dirt in all areas
wall cleaning-spot dirt and finger print removal.
floor cleaning-sweep, dust removal,  vacuum and mopping of all floors
Doors & windows-interior detail clean of windows and frames

Our Rates

*There are no quotes, we only offer flat rates*

Base cleaning service prices:

Bachelor apartment / 1 bath-$100
1 bedroom / 1 bath apartment-$110
2 bedroom/  1 bath apartment-$130
3 bedroom / 1 bath apartment-$150
Town house/condo’s-$170

Extra charges:

We also offer extra for a more detailed cleaning. These extras are not included in the base cleaning price. Because these services require extra time and resources, they are offered at an additional cost.
Additional bathrooms-$20 each
inside oven-$20
inside fridge-$20
wall cleaning (full detailed cleaning from top to bottom $50 and up depending on job size)
*prices may very depending on job requirements*

What we do not do (we do not touch anything that is left behind)

  1. *Removal or cleaning of animal waste/litter
  2. *Heavy lifting
  3. *surfaces out of reasonable reach
  4. *Heavy duty carpet cleaning or steam cleaning
  5. *mold and rust removal (bio-hazard)
  6. *exterior windows
  7. *high ceiling fans
  8. *industrial cleaning
Please keep in mind that some jobs take more or less time to complete. For alternative space, customs jobs, or places larger then 3 bedroom / 1 bath we suggest you contact us.
If you have questions about our services, feel free to reach out to us at newstartcleaningservice@gmail.com